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The roads were icy but she stopped the car expertly. The music was expertly performed. opposite inexpertly. A term used to over exaggerate someone's ability to do something of little importance. Typically used by hipster and or liberal media "journalists" such as the morons writing Yahoo! "news articles" expertly.

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Synonym Discussion of expert. Traduzioni in contesto per "expertly" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: Belli dry stone walls once expertly restored. Definitions of Expertly. adv. In a skillful or dexterous manner; adroitly; with readiness and accuracy.

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choices preserve the living space inside the pilothouse, meaning our owners do The expertly designed stairs leading from the cockpit to the bridge provide  This delicate little ring features a central ruby and two on the end, interspersed with diamonds. The pinkish rubies are expertly grain set and have a total weight  hi-def video quality, along with expertly curated playlists and original content — making it a trusted source for music Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely. Hounds of Love is an exercise in expertly-crafted tension, offering a bold, ever had about the meaning of justice, guilt, and innocence will be questioned.

Expertly meaning

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Contexts. In a competent or skillful manner. In a dexterous manner. In a successful manner. Adverb. .

In an expert manner; with great skill.; Nove, Chris Bevan, Rubin Kazan 1 - 0 Tottenham, BBC Sport: "This time Cudicini was left helpless when Natcho stepped up to expertly curl the ball into the top corner. See synonyms for: expert / experts / expertly / expertness on Thesaurus.com noun a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority: a language expert. expertly: 1 adv in an expert manner “he repaired the TV set expertly ” Synonyms: like an expert Antonyms: amateurishly in an amateurish manner Expertise definition, expert skill or knowledge; expertness; know-how: business expertise. See more.
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Expertly meaning

What is expertly? Expertly definition.

Expertly meaning in Urdu is Chusti se.
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“sempiternal vaeros/mainly cloudy • • the meaning of life is just to be alive.

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‘this is a tight, expertly crafted movie’. ‘This is an expertly crafted work, which succeeds at being thrilling as well as intellectually satisfying.’. ‘The music was expertly played, with conductor and orchestra bringing out the score's Expertly Sentence Examples. Felipa smiled as she expertly tied a big red bow. Hopping into the cab he turned the truck around, expertly backing the trailer into the spot she had indicated. She lifted her whip and expertly popped it over the back of the lead mule. He expertly captured the chicken's head and then reached under her, extracting the adverb.

♦ expertness n. expertly. adverb. /ˈekspɜːtli/. /ˈekspɜːrtli/. jump to other results. in a way that shows or involves great knowledge or skill.